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Batman Retribution: Chapter 6
Batman Retribution: Chapter 6
As raindrops bombarded her skin Holly contemplated her decision as she knew there was no way around it. As she sat on the edge of the Wayne enterprises building she could see the faint lights of Wayne manor and the lights at the shipping docks where joker used to plan his crimes, and for once both sides of her life seemed calm. The silence was broken by footsteps.
“You know when compared to you I actually think I’m kind of lucky.” Nightwing said as he sat down next to her.
“How so?”
“Well at least I know my parents died loving me and not bickering over me.”
“Did Bruce send you?”
“Nope I came on my own terms.”
“And what are those?”
“To help you weigh your pros and cons.”
“You sound like you don’t care if I go with Joker.”
“It’s your decision, but you know what Bruce will be forced to do if you choose him. Joker already took Jason from us a
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Indigo Tribe Murray by valdak26 Indigo Tribe Murray :iconvaldak26:valdak26 0 0
Batman: Retribution Chapter 5
Batman: Retribution  Chapter 5
   “So what do you want to know Holly?”
“I want to know about my parents before I became a Wayne.”
“All right where do you want to start?”
“When they first found out about me.”
“Ok let’s see, your mother came to me first, she hadn’t told your father yet, she was scared and confused.”
“Ivy, I don’t want to know the story I just want to know what they were like.”
“Oh well, your mother was very kind hearted and caring.”
“But what about all the murders she did?”
“She did them to impress your father.”
“Speaking of what was he like?”
“Your father was a unique one, before he was a monster, but when your mother was pregnant he changed almost kind, mostly when you were born.”
“Do you think I should go with him?”
“That’s your decision, but remember this he did try to kill you and
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Batman Retribution Ch. 4
Batman Retribution Ch. 4
    “What do you think he’ll do if he gets me Alfred?”
“He won’t, if Master Bruce can’t stop him then I will.” Alfred said reaching for his shotgun.
“Oh God, do you think he’ll find the cave?”
“He won’t unless he can rock climb and I doubt that.”
The com-link on the Bat Computer sprang to life with the sound of the Batman’s voice.
“Alfred he’s heading down 5th and leaving a trail of corpses, most are cops, he’s desperate, keep holly safe, Batman out.”
“Understood sir, now Holly would you please go,     Holly what are you doing?” Alfred said as he looked at Holly unlock her mother’s hat and tie it around her belt.
“Going to go learn about my family.” Holly said as she mounted the Bat Cycle.
“Holly wait!” But it was too late, she was already gone.
As the wind flowed through her hair and made her
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Star Saphire Elanor Lamb by valdak26 Star Saphire Elanor Lamb :iconvaldak26:valdak26 1 0
The Bat symbol
The Bat symbol
       What is the Bat symbol?
To answer this question.
You may have to ask everyone
Who knows its wearer.
To many it is a protector,
To others it’s nothing more than a myth,
To some it’s the thing that nightmares are made of,
But to kids it’s an idol.
To a few individuals it’s an enemy,
Some may even consider it a target,
To one it’s the one who didn’t get the punch line,
To another it’s his successor.
To one man its family
To a few it’s a mentor
And to one commissioner it’s a highly valued partner,
And one girl a shadowy relationship.
To a team it’s a valued companion,
To some it’s the most feared alien,
And to others it’s a worthy opponent,
And to 2 corps it was once a member.
But to one man it’s a way to make up for mistakes in the past.
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Batman:Retribution Chapter 3
Batman:Retribution Chapter 3
      The tiny sliver of light that peeked through the window in the door had been the only light that joker had seen for 3 days.
“They think they can keep us apart, think we can’t be together, well show them that we can be hehehehahahHAHAHAHAHAAA.”
The floor felt cold against her fleece pajamas bottoms and the hat felt surprisingly warm as she flipped it around in her hands and had once put it on and felt like it should have been there all along. But the white puffs at the long ends of the hat had come to a stop when the almost blinding lights of the Batmobile streaked into the cave and stopped a mere 10 feet from her.
“Holly what are you doing down here.” Bruce said from behind Batman’s cowl which Holly thought that he always sounded like Batman when he wore the cape and cowl.
“Just trying to figure out what they were like.”
“Holly they were criminals, thieves, murders, they wouldn
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Red Lantern Megatron by valdak26 Red Lantern Megatron :iconvaldak26:valdak26 7 0
Batman: Retribution Chapter 2
Batman: Retribution
Chapter 2
“Here is your seat sir.” The attendant said to Bruce and Holly as they entered their row.
“How long are we going to be here?”
“Why, is something wrong?”
“I just don’t feel like being out right now.”
“Holly please I looked for him, I truly did but there was nothing.”
“Whatever, let’s just get this over with.”
“Well talk when we get home.”
As the ceremony got under way Bruce’s cell went off.
“What is it Alfred.”
“Sir, you may want to hear this.”
“Go ahead; I’m switching to the earpiece.”
“A Tailor was robbed 15 minutes ago but only a green shirt, purple suit, gloves, and dress shoes. Then a Beauty shop was broken into 7 minutes ago but nothing was stolen; only a can of hair gel and lipstick were used.”
“He’s right there’s tire marks heading from the Tailor to the Beauty shop then down 5t
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Batman: Retribution
Batman: Retribution
                                2 years Later
“Come here I want to show you something. “Said Bruce who was leading Holly down the hallway toward the grandfather clock.
“I think it’s time you learned about something.”
“What is it Dad.”
“Follow me.” As he twisted the hands to 10:47 the clock swung out revealing a dimly lit staircase leading to the cave.
“Dad what’s this.” Said the surprised teen.
“It’s a secret that you need to learn.” As they walked down the stairs Holly noticed someone standing in front of a large computer. As the figure turned his head Holly noticed it was Nightwing!
“Well it’s about time I saw you down here” He said.
“Dad you know Nightwing, that’s so coo
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The many faces of the Bat by valdak26 The many faces of the Bat :iconvaldak26:valdak26 1 0 Green Lantern Ratchet by valdak26 Green Lantern Ratchet :iconvaldak26:valdak26 2 0 The clash of the Hawks by valdak26 The clash of the Hawks :iconvaldak26:valdak26 0 0 Batman vs. Wolverine by valdak26 Batman vs. Wolverine :iconvaldak26:valdak26 0 0 other identities of the TMNT by valdak26 other identities of the TMNT :iconvaldak26:valdak26 1 0 Vinny the explosive expert by valdak26 Vinny the explosive expert :iconvaldak26:valdak26 0 2



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